I enjoy painting warm and colorful imagery with a whimsical touch, in the hopes of delighting the viewer. My love for animals and nature has inspired work which aims to explore the point of view that we are in the their world – they are not in ours. It is one of my goals to remind the viewer not to take this amazing world we live in for granted.

Over the past fifteen years, my primary focus has been designing and illustrating album covers for a wide variety of recording artists across a great spectrum of music genres. My client list has included Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Glen Phillips, Peter Tork, Woody Allen, 88.5 WXPN and Austin Music. I have also worked on books, toys, and textiles for clients including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw Hill and Running Press Books and Shamash and Sons.

I live with my illustrator husband, Matt Stewart and cats Gidget and Georgie, in southern New Jersey where at certain spots between trees, you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful Philadelphia skyline in the distance.

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